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A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails 2.1. Pictrails can manage several photo galleries.



Currently you need all of those things to get Pictrails to run:


With the tar.gz or any other archive:


With the tar.gz or any other archive:

Demo Website

A demo website of Pictrails is available to the demo of pictrails

The admin part has like login/pass : admin/pictrails

Information about this project

Pictrails is actually consider like an Beta version, and is under development.

All contributions are welcome.

I suck in design, I know it and I am sorry but I will really be happy if anyone could help me.

If you want to contribute, all work is made under a git repository. You can clone the source with the following command :

git clone git://github.com/shingara/pictrails.git

After a clone you need update the submodule :

git submodule init git submodule update

A redmine development platform is used. Feel free to post your feature requests and defects report.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license (provided with sources).

Cyril Mougel, 1st October 2008
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